For more than ten years I have been occupied with the thought to write down my experiences as a singer and a teacher. The basic idea of my decision is to make singing accessible and understandable to everybody. I want to speak to singers, teachers, school musicians, choral conductors but also to audiences so they can listen knowledgeably to recognize and acknowledge quality in order to reject the mediocre. Without insulting anybody, I would like to make a comparison. There are nice, big, less expensive cakes from a baker, but there are also small, fine and expensive pastry products. Nothing against bakery cakes, but who knows the difference, will understand me. In my singing career I was always drawn to the pastry. My standard was and is high and I always demand the same when I teach. I believe that I am right. My road was in no way easy, but when I think back, it was most of the time accompanied by luck.
When you, dear readers, are interested, then come with me on this road, which I would like to walk with you once more. Not only as a singer and a teacher, but also as a woman. I have been looking for years for a ghost writer. An old acquaintance recommended a young journalist to me. He looked modest and respectable and I made a contract with him. But what he delivered was more than modest. With his wordings Kleinbonn instead of Glyndebourne, bourgouvour instead of bourgeois, “Riesendialok” instead of “Riesendialog”, etc., he only contributed to my amusement. Because of this fiasco, I decided to write the book myself.

208 pages with 25 photographs, thread sewing, hard cover with paper protection
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