Sylvia Geszty

Singing is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world. It makes you feel free, it comforts you, stimulates you and enriches you. Those who sing have more from life.

Singing starts where speech alone is no longer sufficient to express the feelings. One talks about different singing techniques. I know only the one that nature shows us; as in walking the natural way is to put one foot in front of the other.

When singing why should my body function differently from speaking?

Of course, I can change the manner in which I walk: spraddle legged, criss-cross, in goosestep, etc., but that would naturally look funny – even ridiculous. It happens the same way when singing. Art is not created by artificial means.

Natural singing is most beautiful but not easy. We know that naturalness is most difficult not only when singing and in order to achieve it much time and patience are needed. An infant breathes correctly, supports correctly when it screams. But already in kindergarten it loses this naturalness.

Because the singers’ instrument is their own body, which however has no firm form, one must always find the right posture, in order to be able to sing in the most beautiful, the easiest and the most natural way. The correct posture of a singer is a straight back, head facing straight ahead, knees never locked and the buttocks muscles tightened, as if one is ready to begin something.

I am convinced that many voice students who are experiencing difficulties could be saved, if one would acquaint them right at the beginning with natural singing.